were punched by the pheonix nice clothes on nice guys
nice clothes on nice guys

Matthew Uebbing Dons SSAP Spring/Summer 2013

A little croc
The 400BC chelsea with croc detail
Saint Crispin’s Made to Measure
Trunk Show at The Armoury

Liam’s joyously unhinged personality charms women who could be light years out of this young gun’s league, but his warmth of character and rare combination of creativity and actual talent means Mr. Goslett is always the one getting the last laugh. Liam would probably go on a thirty minute date with a girl and spend three hours afterwards sending her links to poems and Van Morrison songs, which is apparently a thing a lot of girls like. Yes, he really is an old-fashioned romantic: at the end of the day, one woman explains, “Liam just wants to date a woman so he can borrow her skirt.”

Four-Pins: The Most Eligible Bloggers of 2012
I somehow made this list, full of good friends, despite not actually being creative, romantic, funny, or really even eligible for human interaction. I do listen to a lot of Van Morrison though. 

A pipe collector as my father was and his fathers mother had been, a walk with three pipes adorning my chest in hopes to share a puff with a friend.

Frank Sinatra in his dressing room at the Sands in Las Vegas, photographed by John Bryson, c. 1964

A look from the Ovadia and Sons x J. Press collection.
Photo by Seiichi Niitsuma